What are the Common Reasons for Printers to Keep Getting Paper Jams?

What are the Common Reasons for Printers to Keep Getting Paper Jams?

Paper jams are a common occurrence in printers. This problem is a general problem and remains true across all printer models. There are various reasons for the occurrence of the problems. Given below are a few common reasons for the same.

REASON 1: Damaged Paper

Use of damaged paper can cause paper jams. Paper that has curled corners or is bent will cause paper jams.

REASON 2: Use of Wrong Tray

Today, printers have a specific tray for special media, like labels, pictures and envelopes. If you use the wrong tray, it might lead to the jamming of paper. The documentation of the printer will have information on the use of the trays.

REASON 3: Incorrect Loading of Paper

The size of the paper needs adjustment with respect to the printer guides. If your printer guide is too tight or for that matter too loose, it will result in the paper going to the printer in the wrong manner. It might go in at an angle and thus cause a jam.

REASON 4: Paper Overload

Sometimes a user overloads the paper tray. A tray is configured to hold a specific number of paper sheets. If the amount goes above the designated amount, it will lead to a paper jam.

REASON 5: Dirty Printer

If there is an accumulation of paper dust and ink, inside the printer, paper jams become quite common. Moreover, the buildup of toner inside the printer is also one of the common reasons for paper jams.

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