7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Commercial Printer Company

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Commercial Printer Company

Here are 7 mistakes you should avoid when looking for a commercial printer company:


Mistake #1: Assuming That You Can Hire Just Any Company for the Job

Never make this assumption in any area of business! Researching the companies you wish to pick among for the job is just as important as developing the project you wish to print! Walking into just any commercial printing company could leave you with a poorly done job; one that was performed without adequate knowledge or worse yet a job that never gets done! This means you will need to ask about samples from previous projects, what sort of work they normally do and have experience with and any other questions that could possibly remain in your mind.

Mistake #2: Not Checking Their References

Always ask around about any commercial print company you intend to hire. You will often save yourself not only a real headache but probably a lot of time and money. Commercial businesses of any sort rely on their reputation to net new customers and keep those they’ve already earned. With that in mind, a company that does its job well will have many current customers who can tell you just how well they do their job.

Mistake #3: Considering Price Over Quality

While saving money is always great, it’s never a great way to determine what kind of quality you’re getting for the price. Value is of course always better than paying a low price for something that was worth less than what you paid for it. If a price is insanely low, assume that it also means that the company either does very little business or very poor work, either of these points to a potential waste of time and money, neither of which should ever be squandered in business.

Mistake #4:Hiring a Company That Doesn’t Guarantee it’s Work

Any truly reputable company will offer some sort of guarantee of their work. This means that if they make a mistake, they correct that mistake without charging you for the correction. A guarantee shows that they care about the customer’s needs as much as they do the quality of their own work.

Mistake #5: Creating Competition Between Commercial Printers

In other areas, this sort of thing can help you but when it comes to printing, you’re probably shooting yourself in the foot. Why? Commercial print companies rely on building up a list of regular clients who provide them with consistent work and they in turn can offer you a hand when you need it. If you show them you can be a regular and consistent customer, they’ll be less likely to be annoyed or turn you away when a major project requires fast production at the last minute.

Mistake #6: Pushing Time Limits

Having an occasional deadline rush is one thing but if all your jobs are needed sooner than they can be done, you’re bound to be paying for it in the long run. The more pressure is on and the faster the company must do the job, the more room for errors and frustration will be involved. This means more delays and even falling outs between you and the company. To avoid this sort of frustration, make a point of getting the projects ready for printing well ahead of time and don’t flip out if another client’s work comes first. After all, you’re not the only client and the printing company must maintain a good working relationship with their other clients as well.

Mistake #7: Not Treating Your Printing Company with Respect

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that a client can make with their printer! You aren’t their only client and if you treat them badly, you’ll no longer be welcome at their business. At no point should you assume that you can become gruff, uncivil or belligerent with any person who works for or with you!


This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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