All You Need to know about Risograph Printer, Risograph Ink Cartridges and Supplies

All You Need to know about Risograph Printer, Risograph Ink Cartridges and Supplies

Risograph is a product of the Riso Kagaku Corporation of Japan. It is a high speed digital printer that is used for printing and photocopying in high volume. They are also known as Riso Printer-Duplicator because they can work as network printers as well as standalone duplicators. When large volume printing and photocopying needs to be done, a Risograph is much more cost effective than any other form of printer.

Risograph technology is quite simple. One master sheet is created when the original document is passed through the machine. The machine contains tiny heat spots on a thermal plate and these heat spots create voids on the master sheet. The master is then wrapped over a drum and ink is passed through the voids. As papers are passed through the machine, the drum rotates at a high speed and creates prints on the papers.

There are various models of Risograph printers and they have their separate ink cartridges. We have listed them below.

Model Ink Cartridges
TR 1510 S-952 (Black)
CR 1610(110v) 1630(220v) / 1610 EP S-2487 (Black), S-2494 (Red), S-2490 (Blue), S-730 (Green)
FR series – FR2950 RP Soy Ink Black S-3919
GR 3750 S-2314 (Black)
GR 3770 S-2314 (Black)
RA series S-569 (Black)
RC series S-569 (Black)
RN 2000 S-3195(Black Soy)
RP Series RP3500UI RP Black Soy Ink
RZ 200 S-4253 (Black)
RZ 300 S-4253 (Black)
RZ 370 S-4253 (Black)
RZ 570 S-4253 (Black)
RZ 970 S-4253 (Black)
V 800 S-3959E (Black)

There are other Risograph models like CR 1630/1630 EP, HC 5000, CZ 180, HC 5500, MZ 770, KS 800, RZ 390UI, RZ 990, RG Series, MZ 790, CZ180 & EZ220, EZ 390 and EZ 590 that require separate ink cartridges for refill.

There are numerous Risograph printer suppliers that can be found on the Internet. You can have supplies for Risograph FR 2950, 3910, 3950, FP 3500UI and 3505UI Black Ink (S-4202), Risograph FR 2950 Master (S-2760), Risograph GR 1700, 1750, 2700, 2750, 3710 and 3750 Black Ink (S-539), Risograph GR 1700, 2710 and 2750 Master (S-3879LA), Risograph GR 3750 Master (S-132), Risograph GR 3770 Master (S-2659), Risograph GR3770 Black Ink (S-2314), Risograph RA 4200, 4900, RC 5600, 5800 and 5900 Master (S-568LA), Risograph RA 4200, 5900, RC 4000, 4500, 4900, 5600, 5800 and 6300 Black Ink (S-569), Risograph RA 4200, 5900, RC 4000, 4500, 5600, 5800 and 5900 Masters (S-568), Risograph RC 6300 Masters (S-825), Risograph RN 2000UI, 2030UI, 2130UI, 2235UI and 2530UI Black Ink (S-4206), Risograph RN 2030 and 2130 Black Ink (S-3194), Risograph RN 2030UI, 2130UI, 2235UI and 2530UI Master (S-3192), Risograph RP 3100UI and 3700UI Master (S-3550), Risograph TR 1510 and CR 1610 Masters (S-2500), Risograph TR 1510 Black Ink (S-952) and Risograph TR1610 and CR1610 Black Ink (S-2488), among others.

For any large scale printing or photocopying work, Risograph is a cost efficient and time saving device that is finding immense popularity in many corporate houses. Risograph has an extensive dealer and retailer network and it should not be any trouble finding one.


This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry Articles.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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