Best Compatible Printer Cartridge Brands & Summary of Customer Reviews (G&G, Procolor, MSE, Rhino, Inktec)

Best Compatible Printer Cartridge Brands & Summary of Customer Reviews (G&G, Procolor, MSE, Rhino, Inktec)

There are numerous printer cartridge brands you can choose from for your printer. However each has its own plus and minus points, which you can learn about through these customer reviews on the major brands.

G&G ink cartridges

G&G ink cartridges are generic brand printer cartridges that help you save money while maintaining the print quality of your projects. G&G printer cartridges is designed to be compatible with many printer brands and models that maintains high quality at a fraction of the cost.

Whatever inkjet printer you may have, it is better for you to ensure that G&G manufactures replacement cartridges for your printer so that you save money without much effort. This can be done by a simple web search; just ensure that you do it before buying your inkjet printer.

G&G printer cartridges are usually available on eBay. However it is a bit risky buying here as you never do know if your cartridge is legit till you receive it to find that it has no guarantee. And though many people think that generic brand printer cartridges give poor quality products, this is not so in the case of G&G printer cartridges.

Rhino printer cartridges

Rhino is one of the quality brands of generic ink and compatible cartridges that caters to the consumers solution for cost effective high quality printing. Rhino compatible printer ink cartridges are basically printer cartridges that are manufactured to meet or exceed the standards of the original equipment manufacturer.

Rhino printer cartridges are assembled using brand new components which are similar to the quality and reliability of original ink cartridges, but can save up to 70% in ink usage. It is not possible to differentiate printouts from Rhino generic ink cartridges and original cartridges; just ensure that your printer is compatible with Rhino compatible cartridges.

MSE Toner Printer Cartridge

The Micro Solutions Enterprise (MSE) has produced a cost effective printer toner cartridge that does not compromise on quality. This is a safe alternative to high priced cartridges, which produces quality prints.

In fact, when compared to HP printer cartridges, the MSE cartridge produced sharper printouts and is comparably more durable. Each cartridge is put through numerous tests to ensure that it stands heat, rough handling and cold.

MSE toner cartridges are channel friendly that has partnered with traditional distributors, without any direct selling to users. It is available for $75, and has a life expectancy of 15,000 pages. This is 5,000 pages more than the expectancy of an hp cartridge.

Inktec compatible printer cartridge

Inktec is a leading manufacturer of inkjet refills, compatible inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges and media products. These inkjet cartridges have no problems, and produce remarkable print quality to be much better than OEM cartridges in many cases.

Inktec has also created the ‘T’ series chip cartridges that integrate hi-technology in inbuilt chips. Their compatible cartridges are designed to meet or exceed the original printer manufacturer’s specifications without infringement of patent laws.

Inktec is the only Korean company to meet the stringent quality requirements of the Korean government. Moreover, its quality printouts are comparable to printout of genuine inks.

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