Most Popular Dot Matrix Printers

Most Popular Dot Matrix Printers

If there is one computer peripheral that has never been left by the tide, it is the dot matrix printer. Popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s, dot matrix printer surge into households and small offices in the 1990’s. Even at the turn of the century in the age of Canon Pixma printers and Epson stylus laser printers, dot matrix printers still has a niche since its cheap printing cost is good enough for the usual printing job. Dot matrix printers are still popular for printing of certain documents such as receipts, check notes, and other transaction documents. At the same time, despite the development of laser printers, dot matrix has a fast initialization time.

The most popular class of dot matrix printers hail from the Epson brand of printers. The Epson LX-300+ II Impact Printer sold at around $190 in various online stores features fast printing capability (337 cps in high speed), and versatile paper handling capabilities with three paper paths and push-pull tractor combinations. This Epson printer can handle thick media and its print speed is perfect enough for printing of transaction notes usually from banks and other financial institutions. Like other dot matrix printers, the Epson LX 300+ is an energy efficient machine and has a low cost per printed page. This dot matrix printer is connected via standard serial and parallel interface.

Another dot matrix printer model that is making waves now just as before is the Panasonic KX-P3696. This Panasonic printer can print up to 500 characters a second on top-class quality. One disadvantage of this printer is its pricey tag, being sold at $500, but the features more than covers the price. The Panasonic KX-P3696 dot matrix printer is also among the most versatile printer with four paper paths that can handle 5 part forms. In addition, its flexible paper tray allow users to print in various paper sizes and through different paper feeds, whether top, bottom, rear, and bottom. This Panasonic printer is compatible with home OS like Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, 2000 or NT or can be programmed to any POS or transaction counter.

Oki printer products are not known for their laser or inkjet printing, but they have gotten a considerable market share for dot matrix printers. One of which is the Oki Microline ML320 Dot matrix printer. Sold at $320, this Oki dot matrix printer is the best-selling printer of its brand in the world. This printer has 9 pins for productive dot matrix printing especially engineered for demanding point of sale tasks, transaction automation and other utility applications. Unlike the Panasonic and Epson dot matrix printers, the Oki Microline can be connected via a USB port.

While dot matrix may have show its age, it is still a very reliable technology widely used in financial transactions and administrative tasks. If you are in the market for dot matrix printers, it is wise to pick the printer with the best track record. Epson, Panasonic, and Oki Microprinter definitely have a line of excellent dot matrix printers that can match new technology printers in efficiency and cost benefits.

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