Problems and Solutions for Bringing US Printers Overseas

Problems and Solutions for Bringing US Printers Overseas

Starting a new life in a new country can be both exciting and challenging. And because chances are the quality of living in that new country may be a little bit more expensive than what we are used to, we often look for ways to cut down on expenses. One way to do this is by taking your electronic equipment with you. That means your computer, printer, scanner, copier, fax machines and the like. Unfortunately, many people who do this would often encounter a number of problems once they reach their new country of residence in using these pieces of equipment.

Here are just a few of those problems and how to overcome them.

Power Outlets

This is perhaps the very first problem that you will be encountering when you start unpacking. Not all countries use the same plugs so the power outlets can vary. This could easily be solved by getting an adaptor at your local hardware store. But what if the power voltage supply is different? Most computers and printers being sold in the market today have been manufactured to be dual voltage. That means that they can operate using 110V and 220V. Before leaving the United States, it is a good idea to first check over the Internet basic information about the country that you are transferring, particularly the voltage distributed for the power outlets. If you are not comfortable whether or not it would be able to work, there are a number of power converters that are available in computer stores that would make sure that your computer and printer will be given the right amount to electricity to work.

Ink Cartridges

Another problem faced by many immigrants with their computers and printers in tow is the availability of ink cartridges. Because there are certain printer models that are only sold in the United States, the corresponding ink refills may not be available when you move to other parts of the world. In other cases, the model may be available in other parts of the world but using a different model number or name. Check the website of your printer manufacturer if this is the case so that you could be able to purchase printer ink cartridges in your new country of residence. In the event that it is not available, there are a number of online stores that sell and ship ink cartridges for US printer models over the Internet. Make sure that you review their shipping policies since you are now living in a different country. Most countries, especially those in Asia have a number of ink refill stations as well. While waiting for your ink cartridges to be delivered to you, you could have your spent cartridges refilled so that you could use this longer.

Repair and Maintenance

Just with any piece of equipment, computers and printers would inevitably break down. Most computer and printer manufacturers that are sold internationally have their respective service centers almost anywhere in the world. Check their local website to get the address where you can send your computer and printer for repair and maintenance. Unlike the United States, not all service centers provide pick up and delivery services for computers and printers to be repaired. As such, it is best to check with the local service center for more information.

A Final Note…

Not all printer brands that are sold in the United States are also sold in other countries. It is always a good idea to first check their website if they have a branch in the country you will be traveling in. If they do not have, it is best to just sell your current printer and computer and use the money to purchase a printer and computer that is widely available in the country you will be migrating to.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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