The Best Password Manager Software Today

The Best Password Manager Software Today

Password managers are essential tools that we must have if we do a lot of sensitive transactions over the Internet. We live at a time when it is possible, and actually commonplace, to do our shopping, banking, communications, and file exchange online.

The fact that online transactions have become commonplace has made it easy for unscrupulous entities to try to take advantage of this. These people do this by stealing passwords and thereby stealing identities. When someone steals our passwords and their associated accounts, we stand to see unexplainable withdrawals from our online bank accounts and unexplainable online purchases charged to our credit cards. The security of our emails and online file repositories also become compromised.

Password managers help us prevent identity theft from happening to us. They make us feel secure in knowing that we are safe whenever we shop, talk to someone or do our financial transactions online. But which password management software should we select for this purpose? What password managers are considered to be the best today?

RoboForm Pro

There is no doubt that RoboForm Pro is one of the more popular password management software out there today. It is definitely easy to use, with most operations accomplished in a matter of a click or two. You do not need to search around your program menus on your computer to access the program. All you need to do is to point your mouse at the RoboForm button on your browser or at the icon on the bottom-right tray of your desktop.

RoboForm works just like a notebook where you list down all your account names and numbers as well as the associated passwords and PINs. You can print out this list if you want to. The software will then generate a fully encrypted master password for you that will give you access to this list, and this password can be as long as 512 characters. It supports 20 languages and also has an auto-fill function.

The only limitation that RoboForm has is that while it is available for a free trial, this trial lasts only for 30 days and then stops working upon expiration. It may leave you feeling vulnerable when it does.

Turbo Passwords

Perhaps Turbo Passwords can be considered to be RoboForm’s closest competitor. Just like RoboForm, Turbo Passwords is very easy to use. In fact, it focuses on being user-friendly. It also works like an electronic notebook where you list all your accounts and their related passwords or PINs. It can also perform auto-fill functions.

The difference between Turbo Passwords and RoboForm is that Turbo Passwords can be exported to your PDA – as in the gadget with the Palm OS. In addition, compared to RoboForm, it does not really prompt its user to save a new password.

Handy Password

Handy Password is another popular password manager. It performs the usual functions of such software, like listing passwords and PINs associated with account names and numbers and then putting them under lock and key with a master password. The auto-fill function is also there, as well as the encryption.

What makes Handy Password so very different from Turbo Passwords and RoboForm is that it is not that user-friendly. It is indeed a simple software to use, but it can still be confusing.

These three are the best password managers available today. You should have one if you do a lot of sensitive transactions online.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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