The Pros and Cons of RoboForm

The Pros and Cons of RoboForm

RoboForm is one of the more popular password manager software pieces in the market today. Its popularity stems from the fact that its encryption system can truly keep your passwords and PINs from being stolen. But more than that, this software is very functional, easy to use, and can truly save time in filling out tedious forms, among other things.

There are many advantages that RoboForm possesses as a password manager software. Some of these advantages are described below.

The Passcard

The Passcard is the fundamental function of RoboForm. This function basically allows you to save your online login forms whenever you hit the "Submit" or "Login" button on any website.

By saving your passwords into a passcard, you make logging into the website easier for you the next time you visit the site. This is especially true with the one-click login function of the passcard. Clicking on the login command will immediately take you to the website it pertains to and then log you in automatically.

You can also edit your passcards and add notes on each password to describe just what you have saved on the passcard.


You can also create identities with RoboForm. In creating identities, you save information about yourself, including addresses, contact numbers and credit card numbers. The information is later on used by this application to fill up forms for you automatically.

It is possible for you to customize the way RoboForm automatically fills up forms for you. It can even translate your identities when filling up forms in other languages, and you can create multiple identities for yourself.


Password security is the hallmark of RoboForm. It utilizes many methods of encryption to keep your passwords safe from prying, especially from keyloggers. For added security, you can generate passwords as long as 512 characters, and you can command RoboForm to purge your cache every time you logoff.

If you want physical security, it is possible for you to store RoboForm and your data to a USB key. The portable form of the software is called RoboForm2Go, and it allows you to keep your passcards, your identities and other sensitive data in a separate USB disk. The data and the software itself are never kept in the computer.

Other Conveniences

Beyond being a password manager, RoboForm also has other functions that can prove to be convenient for you. For example, you can use the software to conduct your searches for you. Simply type your search keyword, press the appropriate function key and then the keyword will be searched in the search engines.

You can also utilize RoboForm for looking up white pages, domain names, the weather in a specific area, and even Merriam-Webster word definitions. In addition, you can bookmark pages you have visited with login forms, among other functions.

The Cons of RoboForm

There is not a lot to say with regards the negative attributes of RoboForm. Perhaps there simply is none. Some users, however, claim that while the software is available in trial form, this trial form is very limited and does not really showcase how powerful it really is. But then again, it is a password manager that is truly worth spending money on.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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