Top 10 iPhone Apps for Improving Your Life

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Improving Your Life

The iPhone, with all its built-in and installable applications, is hailed to be one of the best gadgets ever to come out for our convenience and personal pleasure in recent years. Aside from being a regular mobile phone, the iPhone apps have made us able to accomplish tasks that we could not have imagined doing while we are on the go.

There are so many iPhone applications available today, but which ones are most useful, especially when it comes to making our lives easier? Here is a list of ten of the best iPhone apps that we can have today.

1. Assignments. There are not too many iPhone applications geared towards students as yet, but Assignments does do a pretty good job. It is somewhat limited in its functions as it only helps you list down the assignments that you need to do in school and it alerts you when these assignments are due.

2. BeejiveIM. BeejiveIM is a fully-featured instant messaging client that is designed for use specifically for the iPhone. It is a wee bit expensive, true enough, but it has a degree of functionality that you cannot find elsewhere in iPhone apps of the same kind, such as being able to put the chat in background.

3. Facebook. If you are on Facebook every single moment you are online and could not bear logging out of it, its iPhone app version is something that you certainly need. Simply put, it lets you be on Facebook even when you are miles away from your computer.

4. iDB Datamaster. The iDB Datamaster is an iPhone app that lets you keep your secrets and your sensitive information – bank account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords and such – safely encrypted inside your pocket, or wherever you put your iPhone. No more worries over someone prying into your computer anymore.

5. iSign. Are you working or living with someone who cannot hear or speak and find it difficult to communicate with that person? If that is the case, iSign is a great iPhone app that you should have. It presents sign language in animated form, thereby giving you the capability to talk in their language if you do not know it yet.

6. LocalEats. If you are an epicurean and you do not want to go driving around the city looking for a good restaurant to have a meal at, LocalEats is the iPhone app for you. LocalEats tells you the location of the top 100 restaurants near you – that is, if your area is covered. You can even sort your search by restaurant categories.

7. OmniFocus. If you love to organize your tasks in an almost OC way, you will love OmniFocus. This iPhone app is a complicated method of sorting out tasks, but it can certainly help you Get Things Done.

8. Recorder. As its name suggests, Recorder is an iPhone app that lets you record things. Just press the big red button to start and stop a recording.

9. WordPress. Are you a blogger who is constantly on the go? WordPress now has a mini-me iPhone app version that you can use to update your blogs wherever and whenever you are.

10. Zenbe Lists. If you are fond of making lists and sharing it with other people, Zenbe Lists is the iPhone application for you. Zenbe Lists allows you to create, well, any list that you want beyond the simple to-do list and grocery list, and then share it with someone else via iPhone or the Internet. The people whom you have shared it with can modify your lists as well.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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