Top 5 RFID-driven Printers

Top 5 RFID-driven Printers

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is the process of using an RFID tag that is applied to or incorporated into an object for tracking and identifying that object using radio frequency. RFID technology is now being used in some printers.

A RFID printer is a device that can write raw data onto an RFID tag and then use the data to print graphics, label text or barcodes. A typical RFID printer is a thermal printer that is used to print smart labels. They encode the chip in the RFID inlay and print barcodes containing human readable alpha numeric characters. Most of the RFID printers can print labels that are 4 inches wide. There are some RFID printers that can print 6 inch labels. An RFID printer can help users implement instant and measurable improvements in efficiency, accuracy and supply chain visibility. Even in harsh environments, it is possible to digitally encode error free data in a smart label or an RFID tag and then transmit the data wirelessly to an RFID reader.

Zebra R2844-Z RFID

The leader in RFID printer technology is Zebra. Zebra has multiple brands of RFID printers. The Zebra R2844-Z RFID printer comes in three configurations and is a great choice for desktop thermal transfer printing and desktop RFID encoding. It is an ideal printer printing smart labels and RFID tags for smaller items that are used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and also for printing on wristbands.

Zebra RZ400

The Zebra RZ400 is a rugged metal printer cum encoder to manage RFID compliant logistical initiatives. It can be used for 4 inch smart label printing and encoding. It is reliable and flexible enough to meet the demands of supply chains and business improvement applications in warehouses and other business environments.

Zebra RZ600

The Zebra RZ600 is also a rugged metal printer cum encoder to manage RFID compliant logistical initiatives. It has the same functionality as the RZ400 except the fact that it goes a step beyond can print or encode 6 inch smart labels. The other RFID printers from Zebra are R402, R-140, R110xi and R170xi.

Intermac PM4i

Intermac has come up with its RFID printer called PM4i RFID Printer. It is a reliable and rugged barcode printer that has performed well. It supports UHF Gen 2 and is the first RFID printer that can encode frequency-supported UHF tags. It can simultaneously print graphics, barcodes and textual elements. It also supports standalone printer applications and has an integrated USB as well as serial interface standard that is supported by EasyLAN Ethernet. Additionally, it has an EasyLAN Interface that is wireless.

Datamax RFID-UHF and RFID-HF

Datamax has a variety of RFID printers. Through it’s A-class, H-class and M-class Mark II, printers, Datamax has created some user friendly, robust and dynamic printers that are designed to help users ease into RFID printing with minimum risk. Datamax also has RFID-UHF and RFID-HF printers to print RFID smart labels.

Innovation in printer technology is taking giant leaps every day. Through RFID printers, business houses have found it easy to print smart labels and barcodes. That has helped them save on cost and time.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry Articles.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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