How to Make Your Life More Colorful with Wide-Format Printers – Five Tips

How to Make Your Life More Colorful with Wide-Format Printers – Five Tips

Wide-format printers are considered as commercial printers or even industrial printers rather than consumer printers. It is rare to find a wide-format printer in a home, unless that home also serves as a studio or as the office of someone who uses such kinds of printers on a regular basis. Although the demand is indeed growing for consumer users of wide-format printers, this demand is not high enough at present for these printers to become a mainstay in a typical home office.

And yet, if you can afford to have a wide-format printer at home, you will find that it is a very interesting machine to play with. You can do a lot of things with a wide-format printer, and you can use the printer to make your life a lot more colorful. Here are five ideas that you can work with if you have a wide-format printer, or at least have access to one.

1. Print your own artwork or posters. Are you an artist or someone who loves art? Do you like downloading pictures from the Internet just because they look pretty? Are you a fan of a particular celebrity and want to fill an entire wall in your room with pictures and posters of that celebrity? You can definitely use your wide-format printer to print out artwork or pictures that you like, or create your very own mural. You can make your printouts as big as the printer can accommodate, and you can use glossy poster-size sheets, vinyl or fabrics.

2. Personalize your interior décor. Some people spend a lot of time in endless redecorating projects on their home whenever the mood suits them. For these people, the constant redecoration is a way of leaving their permanent imprints on their own home. If you have a wide-format printer, you are not just limited to printing out paintings to hang on your walls.

You can also print your own wallpaper, wall hangings, curtains and upholstery fabrics using such a printer. If your printer happens to be the flatbed type, you can go all out and print patterns directly on your doors and window shutters instead of painting them by hand.

3. Create your own household linen. It can be a bore sometimes to shop for tablecloths, curtains, napkins, blankets and other household linens. Sometimes, it is just difficult to find a set that would suit your tastes or your needs. Sewing your own, on the other hand, can be too time-consuming if you are busy. But you can create a design using your computer and print your household linens using a wide-format printer.

4. Design your own clothes. Do you like to wear unique outfits but cannot afford to have your wardrobe personally designed for you? You can buy plain fabric of your choice and print out the patterns that you want on the fabric using your wide-format printer. And then, you can sew these fabrics and make one-of-a-kind outfits with them.

5. Personalize your accessories. If you have a knack for creating your own bags and shoes, it is possible to print on leather using certain models of wide-format printers. You can also use your printer to personalize small, everyday things like coffee mugs, CDs, ceramic vases and other such objects at home.

Of course, given that wide-format printers can be too expensive to play with at home, you can eventually create a home-based business out of your projects. Not only will you be having fun with these projects but you can make money with them as well.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry Articles.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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